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    This kit contains two parts to properly manage the “HOT” air coming from your radiator and redirecting the “HOT” air out the side vent and not on your foot. Includes a freshly re-designed “E-SCOOP”  (***) to force “HOT” air back and out inside the fairing.

    The “E-SCOOP” brings in fresh, cooler air with a high velocity causing a blower effect on the air that splits from the radiator to the inside of the fairing which would otherwise be forced back into the radiator.

    The “Redirector”is a complex extension of the factory scoop that redirects all of the “HOT” air that the radiator produces out the side vent and splits overflow to the inside of the fairing. This “Redirector” has a foam seal to close the gap that would allow ”HOT” air to otherwise come around the extension.

    Both parts are madefrom black polycarbonate to withstand the hightemperatures and stay light and strong.


    Used with the “Missing Heat Shield” will give you comfort like never before.


    The kit is supplied with all hardware and instructions for an easy install.



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    1. Air management system

      Application process NOT for the uninitiated. If you are not mechanically inclined....don't even attempt this project.
      That said, the product does in fact, reduce engine highway temps by 1-2 bars.
      on Jul 13th 2017

    2. I am a strong proponent of adding this system to a Spyder

      I like this system because it works. It will not get rid of 100% of the heat on your right leg, but I now never notice the little heat that is still there.

      I tell everyone to add this system to their Spyder.
      on Jul 11th 2017

    3. One of three cures for rider heat problems, coming from older Can-ams.

      This is the main cure, of the three, for the heat problem on older Can-ams. While riding in hot weather, blisters were appearing on my lower right leg! The problem was so bad that I was thinking about selling the bike. After installing the three kits that problem is no more! Thank you very much!! on Sep 12th 2016

    4. Spyder air management system

      Instructions are confusing and the pic's don't offer a good view of the parts and the application of the insert. Took some playing around and guessing as to the actual placement. If you are not semi-advanced mechanically you will be better off either sending to your mechanic or forget it. Overall great improvement in reducing heat emanating from the radiator. on May 8th 2016

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