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    The “Missing Belt Guard” is the one part that could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs that a warranty won’t cover. Now you can have complete peace of mind that your belt is protected.

    This special “Missing Belt Guard” attaches onto the left inside of the rear swing arm. It prevents stones or other debris from getting onto the drive belt and then lodging in the rear sprocket.  Made of black Polycarbonate to be light, strong and durable. This is an easy install with complete instructions and additional hardware.

    Why did we not use aluminum or steel? Probably the same reason the factory didn't attach a belt guard on the inside. The tire is so close to the belt that it requires a very thin material and using metal would most likely damage the tire or belt if anything were to get lodged. The "Missing Belt Guard" will not blow out your tire or damage the belt and in fact if something does get lodged, it will tear off by design. Also, can you just imagine the pinging sound it would make every time a little stone hits metal? The tire and belt will always win the battle.


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    1. Missing belt guard

      Easy to install, a must have on your F-3's when traveling during the summer time, due to all the road construction that is going on. It will help with protecting your belt when riding on roads that have been just resealed or riding on roads where there is only dirt and rocks. on Jul 25th 2018

    2. Nice product but a bit difficult to install

      I had two small stones lodged in my belt, so I bought this product to prevent thatfrom occurring again. A lot of thought went into the product, but it is not perfect. First, the attachment is by adhesive. (By the way, the primer/promoter works by squeezing the cardboard tube and breaking the glass vessel inside, and then squeezing the liquid through the sponge onto the swing arm). I would have preferred a more secure attachment (screws), but I understand that this would require modifying the swing arm, which you really don't want to do. We'll see how secure the guard is with time, especially since I had to re-position it. The biggest problem is alignment. There is no positive alignment. It is more of an touch and feel art than a science. Therefore, misalignment is a potential problem. I had to break it loose because the edge was not flush with the swing arm. Because you are working with a fast-setting adhesive, you don't have much time to get it right. Even after re-positioning, the back bottom of the guard was touching the belt slightly. Since I could not break it loose again, and since I did not want to take a chance with it shaking and hitting the belt, I removed about 1/8" from the back bottom of the guard using a Dremel tool and a cutting wheel, followed by a sanding wheel (which I probably should have used from the start). I then feathered that forward removing less and less material. It now does not touch the belt and is not in danger of doing so while riding. I don't think it decreases the effectiveness of the guard, but we'll see. Hopefully, all will be good! If I were to do it again, I would probably try removing part of the red plastic at a time, as suggested, and attach it in sections, although doing that and aligning the cut out with the tab at the same time seems challenging. Hopefully BRP will engineer an integral belt guard fix in the future. on May 30th 2018

    3. Works with adjustments

      i installed this today in about 20 minutes. Instructions are a little vague about reaching a wrench inside the belt guard to stop the interior nut from spinning. After that, piece of cake. I had to trim the 3m and plastic about 1/8" because the tabs on my 2016 RT Limited were just a little closer together than the precut piece. Again with the instructions, the primer is opened by squeezing the plastic tube and breaking the vile inside. Hold it down and squeeze it a little and right before it drips use it to coat the bike swing arm. Peal the red cover, align from the outside face and push up. Done. Install the blind nuts because you can't get your hand or wrench back in to where the original nuts were. Wipe it down. Add some wax over the star bolts to inhibit rust and RIDE! on Jul 4th 2017

    4. F3 belt guard

      Easy to install. Made out of plastic - would have preferred aluminum for $45 dollars. Hope it works well. on May 27th 2017

    5. The MISSING Belt Guard

      I've had my Spyder for FOUR months and had two drive belt changes. Of course I put 9,000 miles on it but still.... If you own a Spyder, you NEED this belt guard! on Mar 8th 2017

    6. Great

      Installed yesterday. Fit perfect..directions could be better for the F3 Limited..looks like it will do as advertised .. on Aug 1st 2016

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