Battery Tender Complete Kit (All Spyders/Rykers)

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CONTANT CURRENT CHARGE - The charger will produce a 2 amp charge if the battery voltage is greater than 10 volts until the battery reaches 14.2 volts.

MAINTENANCE CHARGE - The charger will switch to maintenance mode automatically when the battery voltage hits 14.2 volts. When the voltage falls below a certain level, the charger will switch back to charging mode.

LOW VOLTAGE RECOVERY - The charger applies a .2 amp charge to recharge the battery if the voltage is below 8 volts, a .5 amp charge when the battery hits 8 volts, and a full 2 amp charge when the battery reaches 10 volts.

AUTOMATIC VERIFICATION STAGE - If the battery doesn't achieve at least 10 volts after two hours of charging, the charger automatically pauses.

SAFETY - Power is not passed thru the charging leads

unless they are connected to a battery


LED indicator light shows charging status

Includes heavy duty clamps and fused ring terminal SAE adapter