"Stayon" Mirror Turn Signal/Running Light LEDs (RT Models 2020-UP, F3 Models 2019-UP)


Do you have the SPY4000 Plug&Play Power Supply?

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The mirror LED strips make your turn signals visible to you and other vehicles that are beside, in front and behind you, Have you ever been trapped in the slow lane by someone pacing you or just admiring your ride? Just turn on your signals and they will either speed up or slow down to let you out by the distracting light in their field of view. This works wonders for relieving your frustration.

They come as a pair for both sides and are easy to install using our Plug/Play harness sold separately above.

Click on it and see if it what you want: Plug & Play Power Supply for Turn Signal/Running Lights (RT Models 2020-UP, F3 Models 2019-UP) - SPYDERPOPS


Compatible with:
RT Models 2020-UP; F3 Models 2019-UP