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    THE Original 2014+ RT Stainless Steel KOTT Grilles (Keep Out The Trash)
    No more trash collecting while you ride! By adding this grille the angle is changed creating a clean sweep!
    They are strong and graceful to take on the miles with good looks. Designed and gauranteed not to over heat your engine.



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    1. Kott stainless steel grilles

      Just installed the kott grilles on my 2014 RT Roadster. A year ago I had a semi tire blow up next to me on the interstate and I was picking rubber and debris out of the grille the next morning. Luckily the radiators we're okay. I'm looking forward to the extra protection the grilles will provide for Leaves and bugs. Hopefully no more exploding truck tire debris. That was way too scary! Thanks spyderpops on Oct 3rd 2018

    2. Great addition to my 2018 RT Ltd.

      Good fit, easy install. Provides extra protection, easy cleaning and good eye candy! on Sep 3rd 2018

    3. Buy these now!

      Adding these helps protect your Spyder and they look awesome too.
      I’m not “mechanically inclined” but these were a snap to install. It took about 10-15min. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver for easy install.
      Really improves the look of the front end, like they were supposed to be there.
      Another quality “ must have” product from SpyderPops!
      on Aug 19th 2018

    4. Saved My Radiator!

      While riding in close (too close, in retrospect) formation in the North Carolina mountains a few weeks ago, the Spyder in front of me hit a rather large branch, which was launched into radiator vent area of my 2014 RT-S. It bent the hell out of the K.O.T.T. however did not push it back far enough to create any other damage. I feel certain that I would have been ordering a very expensive radiator instead of a replacement grill if I didn't have the Spyderpops grill installed. Thanks Harvey! on Jul 19th 2018

    5. Radiator air Intake screens

      'These screens are really nice. they fit very snug, easy to install and look great. I really appreciate the quality of the stainless steel screens and how strong they are. I will really help keep rocks, sticks, birds, etc from entering the intake area and damaging the radiators. on Jun 11th 2018

    6. Second time buyer

      This is the second Spyder RTL I have installed them on. Easy to install, looks great and you don't have to get down and pick bugs and leaves out of stock grill. on Jun 2nd 2018

    7. JG's Knott Screens

      If it wasn't for the Knott screens we had installed a yr ago, I'd have a hole in my radiator now if we hadn't of installed them. Traveling at 70 mph a pickup truck kicked up a long stick that struck the left side of my wife's RTL and it scraped up the intake shute, forcing the upper corner of the Knott screen to collapse then going into the BRP screen and deform that one into radiators cooling blades. Dent approximately 1.5" in diameter x .5" deep. This is a well worth product to install on your bike! Est repair cost >$500. on Jun 26th 2017

    8. grilles kott they do fit

      i have a 2016 rt limited and the first time i tried to put them on they were too small but when i called the support number he told me how too mount them and they fit perfect gives a different look also with the stainless steel.i'm happy with the product on May 30th 2017

    9. Kott Grilles

      They are installed, easy(but close quarters)
      Now, time to ride those curvy highways around our area - Missoula, MT.
      on May 4th 2017

    10. Knott Grills

      Just got then put in works like a charm. Finally no more trash pick up. LOL
      I would sit down and take tweezers and pick all the garbage out when we rode no more. Thanks
      on May 1st 2017

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