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2015 AND UP F3/F3S/F3T/F3LT/F3P BumpSkidTM

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    Dual purpose, functions as a bumper and skid plate with the look of a stylish spoiler. Your worries are over, no more expensive paint damage. No more dangerous evasive moves to miss roadkill or tire treads and if a live small critter jumps out in front of you, well you know.


    Made from 3/8” black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), tough and slick. Replaces that tiny skid plate that lets you tear up your body.


    It attaches to the lower flexible area for impact absorption without damaging the body. Ground clearance is not a problem due to the thin profile. It protects everything from the nose to the suspension including the leading edge of the frame. There is no interference with servicing or cooling as it covers the bottom of the trunk area only!


    The coverage eliminates air drag from the open cavity under the nose. Added down force is created by the spoiler styling.




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    1. Easy on

      As advertised, it was easy install. Spyderpops even sent an extra screw and speed nut just in case one happens to fall behind the work bench. Haven't been on the road with it but expect it to work well.
      Put a skidplate on my 01 wing and it really saved the coolant tank a couple of times...... I'm a beliver in skidplates.
      on Jun 24th 2018

    2. you need this

      Having already replaced the lower grille twice, and the front fairing once due to the nose being so low and exposed, I thought I would give this a look. The BumpSkid fastens to the underside of the plastic fairing, which is the reason there are so many bolts. However 4 of the bolts at the rear of the BS anchor it to the steel frame. It extends roughly an inch in front of the trike and is cut to perfectly match the shape of the front pieces on the trike. While installing it I could see that I already had some scrapes on the nose of the trike. I believe this will easily handle all future scrapes in that area, and since it is a solid black, the scratches won't show and could be filed down or sanded out if desired. on Jun 6th 2018

    3. Bumpskid for '17 F3L

      We revived our package in two days after ordering. Everyone loves fast and free shipping! Very easy to install and it looks great. This is the second Bumpskid we have purchased from Spyderpops, the first went on my wife's '14 RT. Both were high quality and easy to install. on Jul 26th 2017

    4. F3T Bumpskid

      Fit like a glove and the directions were easy to follow! You need 4 hands to make install easier! Looks good on the bike! on May 1st 2017

    5. Great Product

      It was easy to install and tested it right away when I went out of my driveway too fast. on Mar 18th 2017

    6. Quality with Precision manufacture

      I just completed the install of the Spider pops bumps kid on my 2016 F3 S spider. Paid close attention to the included instructions.
      Every thing fit perfectly. I am confident skid will work perfectly.

      JM in Nashville
      on Oct 12th 2016

    7. Great

      I live a mile back a dirt road so the Spyder F3 was getting scratched up so I needed something. The bumpskid was the it can get the scrapes. Easy to install and looks great. on Sep 12th 2016

    8. F3T bumpskid

      This is the 5th Spyder that I have owned and the 5th Bumpskid that I have installed, directions were very good, Quality of manufacture was Excellent installation was a piece of cake, and I ordered it online on Sunday and it arrived Tuesday am at my home in Minnesota, Thanks Harvey for a fantastic product. I would not own a spyder without one. on May 24th 2016

    9. Good Fit, Good Instructions, Good product

      It installed just as the directions directed. Glad I purchased this producte on May 15th 2016

    10. Skid bump plate

      One of the best investments you will make on your bike. Lots of dead animals on the road and when riding in a group it is hard to swerve in time. Lots of places to bump the nose of the bike so having a skid bump plate is a huge plus! on Mar 9th 2016

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