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    The “Missing Belt Guard” is the one part that could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs that a warranty won’t cover. Now you can have complete peace of mind that your belt is protected.

    This special “Missing Belt Guard” attaches onto the left swing arm and prevents stones or other debris from getting onto the drive belt and then lodging in the rear sprocket. Made of black Polycarbonate to be light, strong and durable.

    Why did we not use aluminum or steel? Probably the same reason the factory didn't attach a belt guard on the inside. The tire is so close to the belt that it requires a very thin material and using metal would most likely damage the tire or belt if anything were to get lodged. The "Missing Belt Guard" will not blow out your tire or damage the belt and in fact if something does get lodged, it will tear off by design. Also, can you just imagine the pinging sound it would make every time a little stone hits metal? The tire and belt will always win the battle.

    This is an easy install with complete instructions and additional hardware.





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    1. Added protection

      Easy install on my 2018 RT Ltd., just followed the instructions. Having to travel down a stretch of dirt road to get to the house, I hope this will keep debris from getting in my belt. Good service at an affordable price. Thanks, Spyderpops. on Sep 3rd 2018

    2. Great product

      Easy installation. I did have to cut out the notch that goes around one of the outside guard mounts because the BRP welding was a little sloppy.
      This will definitely allow me some piece of mind when I run into armor coating highway projects.
      Thanks for the great product!
      2014 RTL
      on Jul 31st 2018

    3. Modification required

      2014 RTL with belt tension pulley installed requires modification to Missing Belt Guard prior to installation. I used a Dremmel tool to cut hole and space in belt guard for proper fit to occur over tension pulley bolt assembly. Once this mod was made, the belt guard fit and works perfectly. I used motorcycle/atv lift to make removal of belt cover bolts easier using an extended 10mm socket and small ratchet to keep nut from turning while removing belt guard attachment bolt using screw driver from opposite side. A second set of hands is needed for this procedure. I would purchase the Missing Belt Guard again for another Spyder. on May 14th 2018

    4. Belt Guard

      the belt guard is an excellent product. You do need to pay attention to the instructions
      the glue is something else you need to make sure of your position when mounting.
      on Mar 19th 2018

    5. Peace of mind

      Fast and easy install--makes it much harder for a potentially damaging object to find its way between the drive belt and gear teeth. on Nov 1st 2017

    6. A must have item

      Easy to install. Good instructions. No Spyder should be without this protective item. on Mar 16th 2017

    7. Missing Belt Guard

      a nice piece of mind accessory and a future problem and $$$ saver... Easy install.. on Mar 12th 2016

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