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    RS/GS/RSS/ST/STS/ST LIMITED - BumpSkid TM Ultimate protection for your Roadster! FITS ALL YEARS!

     Dual purpose, functions as a bumper and skid plate with the look of a stylish spoiler. Your worries are over, no more expensive paint damage. No more dangerous evasive moves to miss roadkill or tire treads and if a live small critter jumps out in front of you, well you know.

    Made from 3/8” black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), tough and slick. Replaces that tiny skid plate that lets you tear up your body and frame.

    It attaches using existing holes and special designed light weight brackets.

    The coverage eliminates air drag from the open cavity under the nose. Added down force and cooling is created by the spoiler styling. There is no interference with servicing or cooling as it covers the underside of the trunk only!

    Very easy to install with all hardware and instructions included.



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    1. BumpSkid pays for itself

      The BumpSkid is a nice looking addition to any GS RS or ST. It will usually pay for itself if one has the habit of going too fast over speed bumps or parking too closely to parking space stoppers. on Dec 10th 2017

    2. Spyderpops bumper skid

      I am very well pleased with the bumperskid that I purchased! It is very well made and looks good on my bike. My only complaint was with the instructions for installation. The pictures could have been better and the wording a little more clearer. What should have taken about 1 1/2 hrs. to install took some what longer because instructions wasn't the best. I got it figured out and installed. Now I could do it in 1 1/2 hrs. because I've done one. Mounting the front brackets was a little tough not much room for big hands but with a little thought got it done! The Spyderpops bumper skid is well worth the money because of the added protection. Very quick delivery. Over all well pleased! Thanks on Nov 6th 2016

    3. Stopped worrying about chipping the nose!

      Those cement stops in the parking lot are just high enough to scrape the nose of your Spyder as I found out. This new bumper was super easy to install, and now I'm not worried about chipping the plastic anymore. Or bottoming out on a speed bump. Or squirrels. on May 19th 2016

    4. Have not tried to install it yet

      Arrived in record time from Spyderpops. Very impressed with the packaging too. In looking over the install instructions, it appears the copy they sent along was not quite straight on the copier so key words on the left margin are missing...also, there's no numbering to the steps which seems like a common sense thing to do. Rather, the assumption is that you'll figure out whether to go to the right and then down or treat the instructions like they are two columns and go down and then up and over. But having studied the instructions for awhile now, I've made sense of it and look forward to doing the install this weekend. I don't have a nice hydraulic lift as pictured so I'll be doing this on my back. After the the install, I'll give a more thorough review. on Mar 22nd 2016

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