The "Air Management System" (GS/RS Models)

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This kit contains two parts to properly manage the “HOT” air coming from your radiator and redirecting the “HOT” air out the side vent and not on your foot. Includes a freshly re-designed “E-SCOOP”  (***) to force “HOT” air back and out inside the fairing.

The “E-SCOOP” brings in fresh, cooler air with a high velocity causing a blower effect on the air that splits from the radiator to the inside of the fairing which would otherwise be forced back into the radiator.

The “Redirector”is a complex extension of the factory scoop that redirects all of the “HOT” air that the radiator produces out the side vent and splits overflow to the inside of the fairing. This “Redirector” has a foam seal to close the gap that would allow ”HOT” air to otherwise come around the extension.

Both parts are madefrom black polycarbonate to withstand the hightemperatures and stay light and strong.


Used with the “Missing Heat Shield” will give you comfort like never before.


The kit is supplied with all hardware and instructions for an easy install.



Compatible with:
GS/RS Models - 2008-2012