The Complete Heat and Air Management Solution (GS/RS Models) (Bundle Kit of SPY101, SPY103, SPY104)


You save $15.00 with this bundle kit compared to purchasing each item separately ($139.95 value)

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This kit includes the "Missing Air Dam" (SPY101), the "Missing Heat Shield" (SPY103), and the "Air Management System" (SPY104) at a bundle-savings price.

The 3-Part system decreases your operating temperature while redirecting hot air from your leg and foot.

  1. The The "Missing Air Dam™" blocks off the space between the radiator and the side panel, forcing air through the radiator instead of allowing it to pass around the radiator.
  2. The The "Air Management System" redirects the air coming from the radiator away from your leg instead of allowing it to pass through the opening of the side panel
  3. The The "Missing Heat Shield™" deflects the hot air coming from the exhaust pipe away from your foot