The "Missing Heat Shield™" (GS/RS Models)

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The “Missing Heat Shield” is one of those items that will make you wonder why it wasn’t on your RS/GS Spyder from the factory. This shield serves two purposes, shield your foot from the exhaust pipe within inches of your foot and route “HOT” radiator and engine exhaust air past your foot and down to the ground.  A must have when applying the brake pedal repeatedly for traffic stops. Even header wrap is not an option for this section of pipe as it is exposed to the elements and header wrap will not withstand water, wind, and road kill.

Used with the “Air Management System” you will experience comfort like never before.

The “Missing Heat Shield” also gives added protection to sensitive braking components that were previously exposed to the elements.

Designed with foil lined woven fiberglass to deflect the heat and adhered to the inside of precisely formed back Polycarbonate to be light and strong. It attaches to the inside of the right foot guard only, so it will not interfere with removal of service panels.  A very easy peel and stick installation with complete instructions. 

This product requires that you retain the right under body panel for proper flow of hot air.

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Compatible with:
GS/RS Models - 2008-2012