The New Ultra Bar With End Links (RT Models 2020 & UP) SPY501

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The ULTRA Sway Bar is an upgrade from Baja Ron's Original Sway Bar Kit.  (Fits all RT's 2020 to present including S2S)

Designed to lessen the effects of crosswinds while interstate driving and increases handling at higher rates of speed.

If you ride aggressively, fully loaded, 2-up, or a heavier set rider - then the ULTRA Sway Bar Kit is for you!

This new 3-piece design is taken from the proven Ryker Sway Bar design with a Straight Bar, Billet Aluminum Lever-Arms and the Custom Billet Aluminum End Links.  The color of the end links you order will be the color of the arms as we sell them in sets.

Without stiffening the Sway Bar itself, they have designed a more efficient riding experience by eliminating energy absorbing flex from the 90º bends as in the Spring Steel Bars on the formed Original Sway Bar design. By replacing the formed ends with rigid Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum Lever-Arms it creates higher output levels, this allows more force to be transferred from side to side increasing traction to the road and also reducing excessive lean.


"We have tested this Sway Bar for over 10,000 miles on a 2020 RT and can say that it is an improvement over the Standard Design Baja Ron sway bar. We had to return the prototype bar for production reasons and had to re-install the Standard Design which gave us a great desire to get the production ULTRA bar back on the RT. Let's just say that someone might be a slightly aggressive rider and had to get back to The Performance Edge. 

We have tested it in all situations like two up and heavier pilot and have found that it makes a difference. This does not take away from the formed Baja Ron stock design we have used for years which is good for what it is designed for. Pops!"